Grande Prairie Mixed Volleyball League Objective

Is to provide adults in the Grande Prairie area an opportunity to play volleyball in a social league at varying degrees of competitiveness.

League Rules

  • 1. Player age limit is 18 years or older. NO COLLEGE OR HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS ARE PERMITTED AT ANY TIME OF THE MIXED VOLLEYBALL SEASON. Teams using these players will forfeit their points from the game. If this happens a second time your team will be issued a fine of $50.00, a third time $100.00. This rule has insurance purposes as well we are an adult league!
  • 2. Each team requires a minimum of 5 players (with a maximum of 3 men) to avoid forfeiting their match. Teams forfeiting their match need to give the league president 4 hour’s notice prior to the match, I (the president) will let the opposing team know of the change. One time will be a warning, a second fines will be issued starting at $50.00.
  • 3. Substitute players are permitted, and rosters can be updated throughout the year. Let the president know of these changes. This rule is more specific to our year end tournament that runs in April at the end of the year. Please make sure you stick to your roster for that weekend, any pickups throughout the year end tournament weekend noticed by opposing teams will be reviewed by myself (the president). Tournament rules will come out at a later date
  • 4. Players can sub for other teams within the league as long as the team they are subbing for is in a higher division. IE: Any player from “B” can sub for “A”; players from “C” can sub for “B” etc. Players in A cannot play for another division. If any opposing team notices this please let me (the president) know and I will investigate. If this was the case you will forfeit all points from the game and both the team and player will receive a $50.00 fine, a 2ND time will result in automatic rejection from the league for the player, no acceptations will be made. This is to maintain equality throughout the divisions, as well safety throughout the league, a very skilled player in the top division could cause injury to a less skilled player. No matter how harmless that seems some players can attack/spike the ball with great velocity and injury could definitely take place.
  • 5. Each match consists of 5 sets, play all 5 but stay within your time limit. If time runs out record your scores and let the president know to try and determine game stats. You’re points are always important!! If you’re playing the early game respect the fact that another team is playing after you. If you’re playing the late game also respect the fact that school staff needs to lock up and is only asked to be there a few minutes after we finish.
  • 6. All games are rally point scoring. The first 4 games are played to 25 and only need to be won by one point IE: 25-24. The 5th game is played to 15 and is to be won by 2 points or until time runs out. This rule is in place to keep us within our time limits. Please respect that
  • 7. Height of the net is 2.35 meters for all divisions (in many cases it is 2nd hole from the top). Carry a tape measure if you wish.
  • 8. If the ball touches the net on a serve and goes over its still in play.
  • 9. Know the lines on your court!! If players are jump serving make sure a team member is watching their feet since it can be tough to see a foot foul from the opposite side of the court, you cannot touch any part of the service line but you can land in the court if jump serving. Back-row players may attack/spike the ball from anywhere behind the attack line, once again your foot cannot touch the line and once again keep an eye on your teammates, the setter is usually the best person to call this on their own team. After the attack you can land over the line like the jump serve. Crossing the centre line under the net is not permitted while the ball is play, you can however cross the net as long as you are outside the boundaries of the court, this can be done under the net outside of the antenna. Use discretion, it’s for safety reasons!
  • 10. There is no net play permitted. While blocking, attacking, setting and such. This is also in place for safety reasons. If you touch the net while the ball is no were near you and has nothing to do with the play, no foul. Use some common sense, if you’re on the net CALL YOURSELF
  • 11. No confrontations will be tolerated, if any one player or team in the league is seen as an issue, you will be warned once. A 2nd time you or your team will be removed from the league. There will be no exceptions, if any team has any issues I (the president) expect to be notified immediately, an investigation will take place before action is taken.
  • 12. It is your teams duty to put up the nets at the beginning of the night as well if you are the last game to take them down. Please put everything back accordingly! There may be some cases that a 7:00 game doesn’t have an 830 game. If a teams not there waiting, that should be a good idea to put them away.

League Regulations

  • 1. All scores are to be sent to [email protected], you have two days to enter scores IE: Sunday games submit by Tuesday midnight, or simply both teams won’t receive any points. Points are tallied at the year end and the league winner’s receive gift cards.
  • 2. Throughout the season we will have teams moving up and down in divisions, this meaning you will play 10 games in your division, after that the top team will move up and the bottom team will move down. Due to only 5 games through the rotation I didn’t want to have too many switches. After the first 20 games I will review and possibly go to 5 games then switch.
  • 3. Schools request to refrain from having children in the gyms, If you must bring your children make sure you have someone to supervise them.
  • 4. There is no smoking on school premises (including outside)!! If caught you will be warned once, a second time will result in the person being expelled from the league. These are places that children attend, finding leftover cigarettes is not something that will be looked apon lightly.
  • 5. The first 10 games you play 50 sets. If you win 30 sets your winning average is .600, your average will not change while you move to different divisions IE: If you’re a B division team and have an average of .600 and move up into A division .600 will stay as your B division stats, your stats will stay within each division, at years end the division you played most sets in will be calculated stats for winning. Ties will revert back to head to head matches between those teams. The reason for sets is to still try and win the fifth set even if you’ve lost the game
  • 6. Have fun out there, show sportsmanship!!